About the company

Today «Tashkent Metroproekt» is one of the leading design organizations in Central Asia. It has more than 40 years of experience in designing of various transport facilities.

"TASHKENT METROPROEKT" has experience in designing subway, road, rail, technologicaltunnels and other underground structures, which were built in different climatic and geological conditions taking in consideration  the characteristics of the soil, from rocks to weakly stable, in difficult urban environment, in historical centers of towns, under the unique architectural ensembles, with the use of special methods such as: artificial lowering of the water level, ground- freezing , chemical stabilization, jet-grouting and other.

The Institutedepartments:


-designing railways, track andtechnological operations;

-designing reinforced-concrete and steel structures of tunnels, stations;

-designing of power supply, ventilation, water supply;

-design of communication systems and automation;

-developing integrated projects of organization the building process;

- ensure the fire safety of buildings and structures

-architectural design, restoration and reconstruction of buildings and structures, including historic buildings

-adaptation of structures in cases of emergency or war;

­ ensure counterterrorism units and the creation of complex security systems;

-drawing up budget documentation on construction

-research, development and maintenance of the main sections of the design, maintenance and monitoring of geological objects at the stage of research, construction and maintenance;

-architectural and technical supervision of construction sites

-the performance of the functions of General Designer.