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Institute was designed and commissioned many objects, among them:

-        Three lines 3 of Tashkent subway, with 29 stations,  total length  36.2 km;

-        The first stage of the Alma-Ata subway with 8 stations, with a total length of 21.5 km;

­ The Subway in Moscow (3 stations, 12.0 km);

-        A number of automobile tunnels in various cities of Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Some of objects has no analogues in the world, mention should be made of the highway in Moscow, where there is a cable-stayed bridge  with arch pylon, and a 2 tunnels  d = 14.2 m combined for car traffic and subway in one section.- combined tunnel d = 19 m, and a tunnel under the river Neva in Saint Petersburg.

The system of quality management is based on the international standards of qualityISO9001: 2008.