Design of underground and above-ground structures, bridges, tunnels and subway lines


The "TASHKENTMETROPROEKT" Institute was founded in 1972, located in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), as a branch of, located in Moscow,JSC “Metrogiprotrans” ­the head organization for design subways, tunnels and various kinds of underground structures in the USSR and Eastern Europe.

The task of creating a branch was to approach designers to building subway in Tashkent city andto create scientific and technological capacity in the biggest city of Central Asia.

Starting thework on the project of Tashkent subway laid the foundation for the domestic underground earthquake engineering and advanced achievements in the field of subway construction. A lot of linings were designed for stations and tunnels, such as: whole-cell linings, crimped into the rock lining, ventilation system with adiabatic cooling of air. All of the above were earth-quake resistant.

In the eighteens, the Institute started to design objects for Moscow subway system, take part in the feasibility study of the Riga, Kuibyshev, Sverdlovsk and Novosibirsk subway systems, developed an integrated transport plan, with transport hubs for new lines of the Tashkent subway.

Many technical decisions of the Institute, came out on the world level:

    in a dry hot climate has proven to be a great system of evaporative cooling system, and then more economical Rotary evaporative system  to maintain a microclimate on station complexes;

   developed and introduced the reinforced concrete waterproof tunnel lining;

   space-planning decisions of subway stationcomplexeswith optimum combination of technological facilities;

    stations with side platforms;

   The innovative ventilation system;

   A unique type of one-column stations and many other projects in the seismic resistance performance.

For more than 40 years, "Tashkent Metroproekt”  hasoffered in its graduates a world-class specialists ,able to solve questions of urban passenger transport systems, and create unique architectural structures of subways, Bridges, tunnels and other transport structures.

Design of underground and above-ground structures, bridges, tunnels and subway lines
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